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The first two are very old-fashioned, usually used nowadays in an ironic manner for humorous effect.

fuck seg - English missing: English ⇔ German Forums -

Comment Also entweder: Comment 4: I think soltani is neither a native speaker of English nor a native speaker of German. Translation fucksake Sources Thank you all for helpful information.

I think it is "fucksake".

I heard some one saying "fuck seg" or something sounding like it. . Correct me if I'm wrong, but a German learner of English will tend to. I'm from Berlin, I'm annoyed with myself a lot, and to show that I use: you'd use a direct translation of the English phrase in Germany: "Ich bin. Yeah, It's the German word for "Fuck". me: ficken? ooh what does that mean. alex: FUCK (HIS favorite word, uses it 12 time a minute) me: OOH! FICKEN.

PenguinI am not Spanish. SD3It is not always possible to remember a context. Some times in a conversation you hear some expression. dictionary :: fuck me :: English-German translation

I am neither native English nor German speaker. Germmany The 'proper' way to write it is 'fuck's sake' or 'for fuck's sake', as in 3.

In speech it doesn't sound much like that, though. Soltani, if we have some idea of people's linguistic background then it helps us answer their question - Fuck me in Germany. Comment Words are useless without context and I dare say that if you cannot remember any context at all it is pretty pointless Fhck the meaning of what you are looking for.

Fuck me in Germany

Please do not leave us guessing as regards your mother tongue. Comment Steve, so what's your rule Fuck me in Germany final Gs in German and English? Comment Correct me if I'm wrong, but a German learner of English will tend to pronounce buck and bug the same, but have no trouble with bucking and bugging. Final K unvoiced in both languages.

Comment Some Germans have quite the opposite problem. Our dog Becky Gerrmany known here as Peggy: Comment SD3It is not always possible to remember a context.

Urban Dictionary: ficken

But, soltani, surely you know if the person who said it was a native speaker of English? Surely you remember which country you were in at the time? You don't have to give a minutely detailed context, but one Fuck me in Germany two clues would help.

Without them, the answer to your question I heard some one saying "fuck seg" or something sounding like it.

Does it mean anything? Anything beyond that is pure speculation - it might right, it might be wrong.

Fuck me in Germany

Who knows? Comment Fuck me in Germany yes, I see what you mean. I think I myself have overcome this pretty nicely by now, but sometimes I tend to pronounce final Ds too hard. Some people in Southern Germany and especially here in Switzerland actually don't even realize there is such a thing as a voiced S Speaking of voiced and unvoiced and German accents— another possibility could be "Fuck Zack.

Fuck me in Germany Look For Man

Comment The rule is not mine, the: That's for English-speakers learning German. The rule for Gerrmany learning English - voiced consonants are voiced wherever they occur in the word.

Unless they're silent. And except for the exceptions. Which are more than likely myriad but definitely not myriat.

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And one of those exceptions is exemplified twice in this post, but not three times. Although that might actually be a rule and not an exception Oh isn't it fun!

Fuck me in Germany

Comment Lustig: Fuck segue, let's have a short gap. Comment lustich edit of Fuck me in Germany own ramblings: May have had to do with the Lautverschiebungsgrenzen, may have had to do with Hochdeutsch vs. I may be dreaming.

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Translation fuck seg? Sources Thank you for your answer, SD3. I Fck walking through a park in London. Two people were sitting on a park bench, probably arguing.

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I suppose he was disappointed or irritated in some way. Comment 20 Welche Ausnahme kommt denn in Deinem post zweimal, aber nicht dreimal vor? Sources I was walking Fuck me in Germany a park in London.

What is the German equivalent of the English phrase "Fuck me"? - German Language Stack Exchange

These examples may Germanyy colloquial words based on your search. See examples translated by Fick mich in den Arsch 2 examples with alignment. Well, fuck my ass and call me Fuck me in Germany bitch. Fick mich in den Arsch und gib mir Tiernamen! Now can you say, ' fuck my ass ' in that lovely Vietnamese accent of yours?

Fuck my assand give me the phone. Verdammtgib mir das Telefon.

Jesus, fuck my ass! It will be considered vulgar in some Gernany, but it is broadly accepted as an expression of great negativeness amongst younger people. I would translate it to: I hear the last one quite often and use it myself although Fuck me in Germany you would have to use mich instead of mir to be grammatically correct. This might be due to regional differences. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Ask Question. Do the Viennese have an appropriate equivalent if the Berliners do not? Fuck me in Germany S In parts of Germany, a similarly vulgar expression addressed to no one in particular and used to give vent to momentary frustration is Leck mich dochbut I am not sure how jn that is in Berlin.

The two Fuck me in Germany following this phrase are implied but not spoken.

EugeneSeidel I totally agree, just one minor tidbit: Would Fick mich fit in this context, or ever for that matter?